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Vilz Mod
General Contribution · $20.00 · Fri at 22:38
Elite · $40.00 · Dec 2, 17
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dakduivel Premium
Legend · $20.00 · Oct 7, 17

**Thank you to those who participated, prizes have been given out

Most of you know the drill by now, but here's a little bit of a runthrough for those who have not participated before:

We will be playing on Stuzzcraft's Survival Games server (/server scsg) for a few hours on Saturday, February 18th. The times for the event are set right now for 8pm EST until 10:00pm EST (EST is the timezone of the east coast of the US). If you need a timezone conversion, just let me know or there are many converters online.

How will this event work? Well, for every game involving 4 or more players, the winner will receive 1 point. 2nd place will not get any, neither will 3rd, 4th, etc. Only the winner will receive points! Since there were a few glitch rounds last time, any rounds in which something wrong happens (i.e. a player who dies joins back into the game and affects the outcome), the round will be voided, no points. Additionally, in the case of a tie, whoever has been playing the longest will win.


1st Place will receive 2000 stuzzbucks

2nd Place will receive 1000 stuzzbucks

One final reminder, the event will be live streamed on my YouTube channel. This means that you have a chance to be in a YouTube video! Someone else's even! Perhaps even winning a game? It's also a much better way to talk to me rather than chat, and I'm much more likely to reply.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Koopa & Stuzzcraft Staff

Check out the live Stream here: Stuzzcraft Survival Games w/YOU! "Loving Bloodbath?" | Minecraft

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