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Basic · $10.00 · Apr 21, 18
Vilz ModSupporter
Supporter · $20.00 · Apr 11, 18
Vilz ModSupporter
Supporter · $20.00 · Apr 11, 18
Basic · $10.00 · Mar 25, 18
Elite · $120.00 · Mar 8, 18

A New Year and a New Beginning!

Vilz ModSupporter posted Dec 31, 16

First and foremost, Happy New Years to everyone! Hopefully everyone had a fun, safe time and is mentally prepared for the horrors that await! 

So, with the new years comes what you've all been waiting for..... A new spawn! :D

Built by our (arguably) best builder, it features all the old amenities of the old spawn: portals, crafting stations, information, etc. But, this newer spawn holds a lot of nooks and crannies; as well as, multiple neat odds and ends that only the intrepid explorer will be able to find! It might even be a good place for few games of hide'n'seek too.

Anything you'd like to see come forth with the new year, just leave below in the comments!

** Raum Edit **

In addition, since SOMEONE's idea ruined the economy ( laughing ), shop and plot prices have been reduced. All plot owners have received a refund of the difference. 

Stuzzcraft is now 1.11!

Raum Owner posted Dec 3, 16

Stuzzcraft Survival is now running on v1.11. As requested, there is a brand new main world! You can still connect with ANY client version, however you will not have access to any new features/blocks/entities/etc to the new version.

The 1.10 world still exists, and will for the next month or so. You can move over anything you want, or start over. No stats have been reset (money, mcmmo, etc). All of your previous homes still exist, and will take you to the correct world. To get to the new 1.11 world, enter the Survival portal at spawn. To get to the old 1.9/1.10 world, there is a new portal open on the Portal Island at /spawn. 

Most things should work as they did previously, with the exception of some small features in various non-player buildings. The only 'big' change is Slimefun's removal. As it is, it does not work at all with 1.11, and likely will not be persued any further.

As usual, if you notice anything out of sorts, report it via /ticket. 

Also 'As usual', new worlds = new exploration. New exploration = lots of resources being used. Lots of resources being used = TPS drops. Please don't complain about it. There is literally nothing anyone can do about this, except "Don't explore" ... which is sort of counter productive to a new world. :P If it's too bad for you, perhaps give one of the other game modes a try for a few days. 

Things that have not changed:

  • Creative is still 1.10 - Many of the plugins required do not work in 1.11. Once they are available (or suitable replacements can be installed), you will have your Llamas.
  • Skyblock is still 1.10 - If we do update, there will likely be a full reset. There is little reason to update it, however.
  • Games is still 1.10 - ...there is literally no point in updating it. :P

<Original Post>

We're still working on getting everything compatible with 1.11, however the results of the poll state that yall want a new world, with the old world still available for a while.

When 1.11 comes live, it will be the new 'main world'. The current 1.9/10 world will become a portal/warp accessable world for a few months. Transfer your things if you want, or start fresh. It's your call.

No, Tom, you cannot bring your donkey.

This change over is expected to happen before Friday, (Dec 2), but who knows if we'll run into more snags that cause delays.


Storage Drawers and Monster Totems!

Raum Owner posted Sep 28, 16

Some of you have seen these in use, some of you have tested them for us; but they're now available for everyone!

Storage Drawers and Monster Totems!
*insert fanfair music*

Uh ...Raum? What the heck is a storage drawer and monster totem??

I'm glad you asked!

We'll start with the totems .. In short, they are monster repellant. Monster heads that, when placed, will emit an awesome colored smoke (see them at Spawn!) and prevent that type of mob from naturally spawning within a 32 block radius around it! Note, this only effects natural spawns! This does not effect things like mob spawners, or trap horses, etc. There is also a 'Herobrine' totem that works on ALL monsters instead of just one type!

Now on to Storage Drawers .. these are a little more complex and I will probably make a video explaining how they work (or more appropriately, probably ask Koopa if he wants to make one :P) 

If you played SCM, I made Storage Drawers after being spoiled by the mod by he same name. If not - In short, it is a virtual chest with the carrying capacity of 3x a double chest of a single item. It takes up 1 block (2, if you count the frame as a block)

This allows your vault to take on a much more neat appearance, instead of chests and signs everywhere!

But Raum! That means I have to actually put everything away manually! I use a Craftbook Pipe sorter to make things easier!

I'm glad you brought that up! Enter 'Storage Controllers'. These, in short, will put all items away that have drawers near by. One click, and your inventory could be cleared. 

But Raum! What about items with a bunch of different types! I keep all my fish in 1 chest! I don't want to have to have a bunch of drawers just to put them away automatically!

Presenting CHEST FILTERS! These items can be configured to accept up to 9 different types of items into a single chest, and will automatically trigger with the above mentioned Controller. Note: These are NOT virtual storage, and if your chest is full, the items will not be put away!


Raum ... this is all kind of confusing. 

I know, I know ... which is why a video will help. Feel free to ask any questions here, or hit any of the Staff up in game to ask any questions!

Okay .. these seem kind of neat ... how do I get one?

Via the /shop command! They are purchased via Voting Points (You HAVE been voting, right??). A single frame costs 10 points. 3 frames cost 15, and 5 frames cost 35. A filter is 15, and a controller is 10.

The Monster Totems are 50 points each, or 250 for the Herobrine Totem. These prices may or may not change. 


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